★★★★★ (Review by MelissaM on Dec 20, 2017)

"BEAUTIFUL!! I am sooo thrilled with the finished product! They will be perfect for our 4 littles under 4 to explore letters, words, patterns and more! Packaging was even beautiful! I am so excited to give them as their gifts and watch the exploring begin! SO happy and so thankful for all the hard work and love put into them!"


★★★★★ (Review by Cindy G. on Feb 9, 2018)

 "Donated the alphabet & numbers magnets to my son's pre-kinder nature school. The teachers and the kiddos love them."



★★★★★ (Review by Elizabeth H. on Mar 13, 2018)

"So simple yet brilliant. Received super fast."



★★★★★  (Review by Tammy B. on Apr 16, 2018)

"so cute! kids love spelling their names with these."


★★★★ (Review by Rachel S. on Nov 2, 2018)

"I originally bought these for my nephew who just got promoted to big brother, but I loved them so much I decided to keep them for myself! This way, I can keep them in my purse and pull them out for him to play with when I visit! The cutest little wooden babies ever! Highly recommend."